Case Study: Increasing income forecasts with a multi-channel engagement campaign

The brief: A client approached Patch with an objective: they wanted to increase awareness of their brand, show their industry the personality of the team and, most importantly, to grow market share and revenue. They were two months into their budget year which started on 1st September and had not hit forecast on either month, […]

Case Study: Developing a web presence for Vita Mojo OS

Vita Mojo has a mission to revolutionise the way we order food in restaurants and eating establishments. Founded with a passion for nutrition and adapting restaurant menus to cater fort varying dietary requirements, they developed a restaurant operating system that provides customers with the ability to customise every menu item, displaying all ingredients, allergen information […]

10 easy SEO tips for wedding venues

SEO is part art and part science, it’s both technical and creative. There are dangers if you get SEO wrong, the worst penalty is your website being removed from Google rankings. Due to the risks involved we don’t recommend taking on technical elements of SEO, unless you know what you’re doing, but a lot of SEO activity is already covered […]

How to write a venue marketing strategy

A marketing strategy can have different definitions depending on industry, in short it’s an exercise in which you take a long, hard look at yourself as an organisation and determine where you are, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. A strategy is more than a marketing activity plan or SWOT […]