Hiring a marketer: questions to ask in a marketing interview

We’ve all been misled in an interview, whether it be as employer or employee. It’s disappointing for everyone. You’re excited about a hire, you bring them in, but it quickly turns out they were a top blagger. On the other side of the coin, we’ve all been sold an exciting, inspiring company story as candidates […]

Venue marketing plan: Strategies, examples and ideas

Marketing a venue successfully relies on a lot of different factors. That means creating an effective venue marketing plan isn’t straightforward because, in short, venues aren’t, and neither are their customers. There are countless different types of venue and the way you’ll want to market yours depends completely on what it is and who it […]

Post-lockdown consumer behaviour and the new opportunities it presents

Most businesses’ sales have been affected by lockdown for better or worse. It’s clear that people are spending more time online and this presents opportunities for business growth – but it also kind of doesn’t. It just creates more advertising space online. The opportunity comes from what you do to make the most of reaching […]

How to turn your website visitors into customers

When we start speaking to new clients, we often see the same problems from time to time: we hear that they’ve increased website visitors exponentially over the past two years or so, but leads and sales haven’t increase at all. More visitors and no increase in conversion rates usually point to one or some of […]

How to write a marketing strategy

Writing a marketing strategy can seem like a big task. It can be difficult to know where to start with so many channels available – especially in the digital sphere – but we’ve outlined the key things to consider when writing a marketing strategy to ensure it’s logical, effective, simple and accountable. Marketing strategy at […]