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Event Tech Marketing

Marketing for event tech

As an event tech business, you are already at the forefront of your industry, pushing boundaries in creating solutions that make your own clients’ lives easier. When it comes to choosing a marketing agency – you know that it’s vital for whoever you work with to understand the events landscape as a whole, as well as your own specific needs and goals. Creating a marketing strategy that generates repeat demand for your services isn’t always easy – however, fear not! – We have a team of event tech marketing specialists ready to help.

We understand just what it takes to formulate a marketing strategy that engages with your audience, and generates leads. Since 2010, we’ve been instrumental in helping businesses in the events industry achieve their targets.

How do we do that? By utilising the best digital marketing channels, from SEO, paid advertisements (on both social media and search engines), web development, content creation and social media management, we know how to target the right audience; at the right time.

We’ll take time to understand your goals and objectives, be that increased subscription or booking rates, a more diverse client base or nurturing an engaged community on social media.

Event Tech Marketing Services

We’ve designed our services around event techs to provide the activities they need to achieve their targets. Some event techs use all of the services we have on offer – others work with us on an ad-hoc or project-specific basis. We’ll work with you to understand what services will benefit and complement your existing team’s skillset.


After we’ve had a chat and understand your requirements – we’ll send you a proposal that states what we can achieve for you – and how! We’re 100% ‘faff-free’, so you’ll get the jargon-free facts from us – meaning you can make a clear and informed decision about working with us.

Event Tech Marketing Campaigns built on Strategy

With any service or agency, you’ll want to see a positive return on your investment. Our digital marketing initiatives are KPI-focused and data-driven, meaning that we will ensure measurable targets are centred around your bottom line.

We take a 4-pronged approach to strategy building with our clients.

  • Assess – your previous strategy, current brief, goals and objectives.
  • Plan & Research – your target market, current market conditions and future trends.
  • Create – a strategy that meets your needs, to be approved by you.
  • Execute – by putting the plan’s ‘wheels’ in motion, including interactive dashboards so you can see our progress every step of the way.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing in Events Tech

Whether you provide hybrid conferencing software, stream live events or deliver AV support to venues; your marketing strategy and plan needs a carefully thought-out approach.

As digital marketing specialists; we will take the time to understand the intricacies of your target audience and establish the best course of action on how to seek them out, and turn them into engaging, revenue-boosting customers.

Monitoring and optimising for best performance

Your target market is influenced by an unlimited number of factors. It means the best approach now, may not be the best approach in the future. Everything from consumer confidence to the publics’ preference to interact with certain challenges, images, colours, or words will impact how consumers engage (or don’t) with different messages, mediums, brands, products, and services.

We provide an online performance dashboard that will bring all marketing performance data into one place alongside your website’s analytics.

The performance dashboard will become the centre of regular meetings with your account manager as it’s used to review performance and share learnings between teams.

Want to talk?

Contact us for a chat about your marketing and growth goals and we’ll tell you if we’re the right agency to reach them, and if we can… how we’ll do it and when you’ll see results.


Event Tech Marketing Services

Digital advertising is a key method for generating interest in your products and services. Here at Patch, our knowledgeable team have decades of experience in reaching the right audience at the right time.

Our team will work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your target buyers, and determine the most effective channels to advertise your brand on. We can create an end-to-end strategy that we can also implement for you, or we can advise you on specific parts of your advertising journey according to your needs. By getting to know your buyers, we build audiences that match the exact profiles of the individuals and businesses you want to book with you! We use behavioural targeting to create brand awareness; ensuring your brand is in front of qualified prospects at the moment they are looking for event techs like yours!

Just let us know what you need help with, and we can take it from there! To find out more about the types of digital advertising we can help you with, check out this page.

Getting your business out there can be time-consuming. Through careful research, we find relevant, high-quality websites and publications that are of interest to a client’s target audience – saving you time in finding the most effective ad space. Understanding your audience is vital to maximizing the use of your budget for media buying – we save the leg work for our clients by providing a full media buying service; including everything from channel research and recommendation based on target markets and their buyer journeys to negotiation, bookings, management and performance reviews.

Our media buying process looks like this: We do all the channel research, make contact with the relevant media channels on your behalf, make your bookings and send over deadlines (providing specifications and contacts for any design work); then we provide you with performance reviews to show your return on investment.

We also provide our clients with a channel management service – so you can get on with the stuff you would rather be doing!

E-mail marketing is a great way to reach new audiences, and improve conversions. It also serves as a great way to re-engage your existing client base – keeping your event tech at the forefront of planners’ minds.

Our approach to e-mail marketing doesn’t include any overly eager, annoying sales messaging or ‘spammy’ practices that will end up with your event tech’s e-mails in your client’s junk or unsubscribe list. We study your customer journeys from start to finish and devise an e-mail marketing strategy that keeps your target audience interested in your brand, latest news, offers; and ultimately increases leads and conversions.

Our expert team can create a bespoke plan for you that covers strategy, content, execution and analysis after each campaign. Alternatively, we can help you with a specific part of the process if that’s all you require. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Social media is an excellent channel to reach potential customers and continually create a buzz around your products and services. Our marketing strategies can include both organic and paid social media activity, engaging your target audience with creative content.

The aim of any social media marketing is to ultimately either drive traffic or generate leads. This is achieved through content that educates, informs and engages your audience.

As event tech marketing experts, we are well equipped to assist you at all stages of your social media marketing journey – whether you are looking to build and execute a strategy with ongoing support or require ad-hoc assistance for a specific campaign – Patch has it covered.

Here at Patch, our approach to SEO is focused on meeting client objectives, whether that’s launching new software, creating demand for service upgrades, or building a new website. Our SEO team can help boost business in your desired markets using an expert blend of content and technical SEO practices – providing you with a full-service approach to SEO.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the visibility of a brand in search engines. In our opinion, a successful SEO strategy puts you in front of your target market, at every stage of the customer journey as they use search engines to look for what you provide. Our objective when employing SEO strategies is to make sure our clients’ websites are found in search engines again and again as their customers are searching for event tech solutions.

We also provide our clients with an interactive marketing performance dashboard. It allows them to analyse the performance of their SEO activity in real-time. It provides all metrics including ranks, traffic, goal conversion, organic search queries, backlinks and much more.

We’re proud of our transparency and performance. It’s why we give the event techs we work with the tools to monitor their marketing activity in real-time.

We all know the power of great content – but it’s easier said than created! At Patch, we’re all about objectives, so our approach to content production depends on what your goals are. Our experienced writers provide a multitude of types of copy and written content – making writer’s block a thing of the past for you!


We produce copy that ranges from short-form social media captions to e-mail marketing content, press releases & blogs – so the answer to that really depends on what you’re looking for. If your event tech already has a strategy in place and is looking for some ad-hoc support – we can do that! If you’ve found yourself staring into space with nothing but white noise going through your mind – we can help put an end to that! Our team can take you from planning all the way through to executing your content – we’re a one-stop shop!

Get in touch with us for some advice or a quote (no pressure or cringy sales tactics – and that’s a Patch promise!)

As an event tech marketing agency, here at Patch; our expert team have been building an online presence for brands in the events sector since 2010, and in that time have designed, built and maintained websites for businesses at varying stages of their lifecycle. Whether you need your existing site optimized, a single landing page or an entirely new website, our experienced team can do it all.

Our clients range from event tech start-ups to international conference centres and household names, with web projects that vary in size and functionality. Our team have the capabilities to advise, optimize and developed according to your needs, to make your vision a functioning reality. We know that generally speaking, the ultimate goal is to attract more visitors to your site and increase the likelihood of these visitors making an enquiry and booking with you. So along with your brief objectives, we always keep this ultimate goal in mind.

We’re a Google Partner in the events industry that provides PPC services for search, content distribution, social media, display and video channels. Our agency has managed campaigns for some of the most competitive brands in the world. We have a track record of demonstrating ROI and helping our clients grow their businesses using our expert PPC marketing techniques.

We focus on qualified acquisition and lead generation – tracking campaign performance from first click through to sale and every step in between. Our approach to campaign structuring allows us to test, learn and adapt quickly to performance data ensuring you are always getting the most from your PPC budgets.

Campaigns Built on Strategy

Creating an amazingly effective marketing plan involves a lot of careful research, planning and forethought. You likely hold a unique place in the market, so you need a strategy that reflects this! Determining the best strategy for your business all depends on your target market, and what their needs are.

Since 2010 we have been creating strategies that generate qualified leads and result in conversions for all types of event techs – from event platforming & floor planning to RFID software techs. It’s because of this experience, and our long-standing relationships with our clients that we can direct and advise you when it comes to creating a first-class marketing strategy. To learn more about how to write the perfect marketing strategy, read our blog.

The Support You Need

No matter what your current marketing challenges are, our team are here to help. We specialise in advising and consulting with our clients; providing them with the knowledge, value and resources that enable them to meet long and short-term goals.

We know you are already lightyears ahead when it comes to providing your customers with innovative solutions, and have many areas to focus on to keep that momentum going. We can act as an extension of your existing team – providing the level of support you need – when you need it. Our team can create, analyse, and execute the right marketing plan, the right way for you.

Talk to us today by dropping us a line over at info@patch.marketing, or give us a call on 020 7952 1740. Alternatively, fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you on the same day.

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