Job Role: Digital Account Manager

byFiona Chandler
digital account manager job vacancy

digital account manager job role

 Permanent, full-time (hybrid/remote)

£28,500 to £31,500 depending on experience

Based in Tunbridge Wells, we’re a niche agency that (genuinely) puts our team’s wellbeing at the forefront of what we do. We know who we are, what we stand for and what type of people and clients we want to work with; We’re committed to delivering high quality leads to businesses within the event sector through digital marketing campaigns. Our key services include looking after our clients’ SEO, SEM, paid and organic social campaigns, general strategy and websites design and build.

Our company values:

Authentic – We earn our client’s trust by being genuine, honest and ‘the best agency they’ve ever worked with’ 

Determined – We’re committed to creating the right environment for long-lasting relationships and success

Proud – We take pride in who we are, what we do and who we do it for

Relevant – We never stop learning, evolving and developing our skills and knowledge

Human – Prioritising our well-being ensures sharper focus

Examples of how we put this into practice:

  • We recently took the decision to respectfully resign from a client account that didn’t integrate with our values and was causing anxiety within the team.
  • We finish at 1pm on a Friday to ensure a longer weekend.
  • We offer flexi start/finish times alongside a flexible working environment (home/work/remote).
  • No member of the team has ever had to ask for a pay rise. 

Covid aside, growth over the past few years has been impressive with some big industry clients wins ensuring our strong brand position within the market. We’re seeing business above pre-pandemic levels and are forecast to grow by 43% this year which is 22% above our best year. Come on!!!!

Future growth is only going to happen with talented, like-minded people so this is where you come in, we’re looking for a person with strong social media (paid and organic) skills and a digital marketing background to support new and existing clients across various digital disciplines.

The role will have two main focuses – Client account mgt – you’ll be your client’s day-to-day contact and ensure that everything is being delivered. The other main element is to support the team with social planning, implementation and delivery alongside SEO tasks. 

Our key services include looking after our clients’ SEO, SEM, paid and organic social campaigns and general strategy.

What does the day-to-day role look like?

Social media

  • Running clients’ social media campaigns from conception through to execution 
  • Write social content and blog posts
  • Come up with creative campaign ideas for clients
  • Have the experience to know how to tweak campaigns to ensure success

SEO strategy and implementation

  • Develop and execute successful SEO strategies
  • Conduct keyword research based on campaign needs
  • Review technical SEO reports and make recommendations and priorities 
  • Optimise website content, landing copy and paid search copy where applicable
  • The ability to write seo content is important but we also outsource depending on the subject
  • Devise a back-link strategy that supports client objectives
  • The ability to collate and understand data 
  • Stay on top of SEO trends


  • Day-to-day Patch contact for your clients
  • Supporting the Account Director across accounts
  • Organisation of marketing plan, deadline, seo plan and anything else that helps you stay on top of things.

Paid search

  • If you have experience of running paid search campaigns that’s, again, a lovely bonus but not essential. Writing the adverts and testing would be a big plus too.

Who will this role suit?

  • You’ll know your stuff and be obsessed with social media and search marketing and the role they play within the digital eco-system
  • You’ll have supreme confidence in working on client accounts
  • Typically, you’ll have a minimum of 4+ years’ experience working on social / seo accounts
  • You’ll be a great communicator, internally and externally
  • You’ll naturally be a person that takes ownership of your actions
  • You’ll have amazing organisational and multi-tasking skills. You’ll see our CRM as the greatest thing as it’ll save time and give you clarity on where projects are at
  • You’ll have a great phone, video call and email manner

What you can expect from us

  • Training in-house
  • A culture that lets you flourish
  • Support from each member of our team
  • Opportunities to develop your skill-set and progress within the company
  • Competitive salary and package.
  • 4.5-day weeks, we finish at 1pm on Fridays. 

What some of our team, past and present, say about Patch


Matt Beech (joined Dec 2015)

Marketing Director

I’ve worked at Patch for nearly seven years now and fell in love instantly. Originally, I was a client so I knew the culture was great but I’ve been really impressed with the whole operation. There’s no politics, we have a laugh together and support each other and we’re not micromanaged which drives us all towards the common goal of growing our client’s businesses. 

Melissa Tyler (joined Oct 2018)

Client Marketing Manager

Working at Patch doesn’t feel like work at all, it feels like a family. With constant support, reassurance and praise my confidence in my work has increased dramatically. The feelgood factor in the office is incredible and it’s because we all love what we do and help each other to improve and be successful at what we do.

Jackson Clark (founder Sep 2010)

Managing Director

I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed Patch life more than I do now. I’ve always wanted to create an environment where we feel like a team that loves what they do and that everyone is evolving with the common goal of being our clients growth partner. Our commitment to everyone’s well being is a deliberate one as we want a happy workforce as this leads to better performance and life’s too short to not enjoy it. The last 18 months has been tough but we’ve come out stronger which is testament to everyone’s positive attitude.

A happy workforce means we can achieve things we didn’t realise were possible. The hard part is to not take it for granted and collectively commit to evolving. I’m excited. 

Tony Hill (joined Sep 2020)

Account Director

I feel like I waited years to find Patch, it’s easily the best place I’ve ever worked. The company culture is like no other – there’s no politics, just support and a shared drive to achieve the best as a team and support each other – and the flexible work environment has meant I’ve never had a better work/life balance. Except being at Patch doesn’t really feel like work, just loving what I do.

The team are all talented, dedicated and passionate about their work and clients as well as one another, you couldn’t ask for a better team to be a part of.

Fee Chandler (joined June 2022)

Content Manager

Supportive, warm and welcoming are just three words that come to mind when trying to describe the Patch experience. It’s a team of like-minded people that want nothing more than for you to succeed. The Patchites make the dreaded Monday morning a thing of the past whilst the awesome clients make the days and weeks fly by. With a consistent opportunity to learn, Patch really is a place of nurture and development and is somewhere that feels like home from the off!

Nick Hurford (joined June 2019)

Front-end Developer

What do I love about working at Patch? Building beautiful websites of course! But it doesn’t stop there, the real charm is working with such a talented and friendly team, who are so supportive. There really is a family feel to the company and everybody has each other’s back. The projects are diverse and interesting, one week I could be building a website for a law firm, the next a liqueur company. This keeps me on my toes, something every Web Developer needs! In essence, Patch is pretty awesome.

Natalie Preston (joined April 2015)

Accounts & Invoicing Manager

Everyone in Patch is so passionate it’s infectious and it makes working so much fun. I work remotely but I feel very much part of the team and always share in the successes. It’s a very flexible environment that means I can work around my children and still get all my work done.

Alex Puttock (ex-employee now freelance. Joined April 2017)

Search Marketing Specialist

I worked at Patch for four years and in that time I’ve been given surprise bonuses and days off in recognition of my hard work and commitment to Patch. I was also promoted during my time which was very exciting as it doesn’t really feel like work. Yes we work hard but it’s really interesting what we do and the commitment to self-development is at the core of what we do.

Cerys Rogers (ex Nov 2018 – Oct 2021)

Content and PR Specialist

I couldn’t craft a team or environment I’d want to be part of more. Being around such open and energetic people is powerfully and wonderfully contagious; as is the immense passion that each of us has for the work we get to do at Patch. I truly believe there is no limit to how much we can do or how far we can go, not only as a team but individually too. Creativity is nurtured by all, knowledge is shared at every 

opportunity and chances for each of us to grow are maximised. The genuine spirit and camaraderie we share with each other is one-of-a-kind

Emily Schone (ex – three-month internship Sep – Nov 2021)

Content Executive

Speaking as someone who’s only just started (at Patch and in marketing), I feel incredibly lucky to have found myself here, working alongside such a fantastic group of people. The team is open, non-hierarchical, and have gone above and beyond to help me find my feet in a new industry (a word for the two office dogs, too: you won’t meet a friendlier pair of four-legged colleagues). I’ve found that Patch has the ability to pack in personal development without you noticing just how quickly you’re learning: in the few months I’ve been here, I’ve gone from a recent graduate with little experience to a writer who feels confident in their ability to produce content for a variety of clients. No two days are the same (genuinely!); expect to be challenged, but supported every step of the way.