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Complete SEO Campaign

The role of a complete SEO campaign

A successful SEO campaign has objectives at its heart, usually targeting a specific business area, location or product type. Quality over quantity.

Telling us that you ‘just want to rank’ isn’t going to wash – sorry. Telling us that you’re trying to drive store traffic from local residents, increase enquiries on a particular product range or create valuable content for target markets… we’re in.

If your focus right now is to get ranking for generic search terms, we’ll help you work out if they’re feasible for you as a business – you won’t compete with the big boys (and girls), no matter who you are or who great your content is. SEO is about being smart and the search landscape for every industry is different.

With your objectives clear, our SEO strategy can get moving. If you’re looking to increase enquiries from local residents (let’s say you’re a restaurant, for example), your SEO campaign might be made up of carefully selected location-targeted keywords and backlink acquisition from local business directories, forming a local SEO campaign for each location of interest. If, on the other hand, you’re a large ecommerce retailer, you might be looking to focus on seasonal products with a product-focused and competitive keyword range.

When it comes to creating a successful SEO campaign, less is more. Choosing one or two objectives to focus on with top quality targeting is where you’ll get your money’s worth.

Our approach to a complete SEO campaign

We’re all about results and, how do you know if you’ve met your objectives if you don’t set them? The old-hat scattergun SEO approach isn’t one that we’re interested in.

Objectives and targeting are at the centre of any SEO campaign that Patch takes on – otherwise, frankly, there is little point. So first things first, we’ll help you work out what you want to achieve and which business areas we need to focus on. From there, we’ll create a targeted, feasible and competitive SEO campaign to make that happen.

What if I don’t know what I need?

Chances are you might not know everything there is to know about SEO and what is achievable for you as a business – that’s fine, that’s what we’re here for.

But you probably do know what your key business areas are, who your target markets are – and nobody knows your business operation and product offering better than you do. Using this information, we’ll help you work out what’s most important.

SEO campaign tracking and transparency

The Patch environment is a fluff-free one. If ranks aren’t attainable, we’ll tell you. If we need to change tact, you’ll see it in your personal results dashboard in real time. You’ll see your rankings rise and fall when we do – then it’s up to us to tell you what we’re doing about it.

Transparency is at the very heart of Patch and you won’t find a member of staff who behaves otherwise. Patch hires carefully: not only are our team members experts in their fields, they’re honest, direct and goal driven.

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