Community Management

Social media doesn’t provide a captive audience that has to listen just because they follow you. Successful social media isn’t built on ruthlessly acquiring followers with cheap tricks. It’s built on quality content and adding value to your community and follower growth happens naturally. The consequences of this is they’ll be engaged followers that love you and spend money with you.
To deliver results on social media the key is being social and producing media (the clue is in the name). You can’t be social, and you can’t produce media if you aren’t interesting. Media broadcasts interesting content, social people listen and add value to conversations. It’s a simple principle but getting right is anything but simple.

The buildings blocks of successful social media

  • Community management
  • Creative concepts, campaign curation and delivery
  • Blogging and other written publications
  • Visual media such as graphics, videos, charts, and visuals
  • Being found when people look for you.
With us you can outsource this channel completely or we can assist you in one area such as creative concepts and campaign curation. We know from time to time growing businesses have a special message to deliver to a wider but qualified audience, or a need to grow their network quickly by extending beyond their organic reach and that’s why we provide social media advertising on all social media platforms. We can deliver campaigns on different cost models including cost per click, enquiry, impression or follow. Our experience in social media community management and advertising, combined with our industry knowledge means we’re best placed to advise which platforms you should advertise on, define your message and approach, build your market segments and deliver your campaigns. Our monitoring and reporting mean you’ll have a clear picture of the return this activity is delivering and our experience in building segments, and delivering campaigns, means you’ll be getting the best social media team in the industry. Some of our clients have won awards for the social media marketing we have done for them.