How we did it: merlin hits target for first time in 7 years - Patch

How we did it: merlin hits target for first time in 7 years

What does it take to build a strategy that ensures your business hits its targets? Merlin Events is the events and entertainment division of Merlin Entertainments, the operator of a number of visitor attractions including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds and the Sea Life Centre London Aquarium. In 2018, Merlin approached us to talk about.
Marilyn Monroe lookalike for Merlin Events


I haven’t tried that many cameras, but I really love my Sony a6400. It’s small, shoots 4k, and the flip out screen is perfect for framing when doing tutorials and such.

  • Sony a6400 for my main camera
  • Power cord for the camera so I don’t need to use batteries
  • Sigma 16mm f/1.4 prime lens for really nice depth of field and buttery low ISO shooting
  • Sometimes I put my camera on the floor with a tripod, but lately loving having it on a Røde PSA Boom Arm
  • Elgato Cam Link for using my a6400 with Screenflow or Loom videos (turns your nice camera into a webcam)
  • External HDs because video storage is very real. This is my current favorite: Oyen digital U32 Shadow 4TB SSD.


If you were going to go with only one piece of software for tutorials, I’d go with Screenflow. It’s super versatile and allows simple edits. I use Final Cut to have more control over my 4k face cam video and editing workflow, but this is definitely not needed to get started. My first tutorials were webcam and screenflow only.

  • Screenflow for screen recording and light editing
  • Final Cut for final video editing
  • Loom is great for quick unedited videos