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Search Engine Optimisation


A robust SEO strategy isn’t simply ranking for keywords that demonstrate purchase intent for your products and services; it’s being found on search engines when your market is going about its day to day activity, being in the places where your prospective clients spend their time and being found when they first identify a problem that your brand can solve, before they even think about a purchase.

There’s technical SEO and on and off-page SEO but these are tactics, what matters to us is outdoing your competition and developing a thorough understanding of how your market behaves on search engines, and where and on which search engine verticals (text, shopping, image, video, maps) you need to stand out to increase your market share.

Our clients’ page one ranks for highly competitive search terms speak for themselves, but any Patch client will tell you it’s the strategy and commitment to qualified, value adding, traffic acquisition that really makes a difference to their bottom line.

Our team has a track record of developing and executing SEO campaigns that provide return on investment and establishing a stable business position that supports growth now and in the future. We know every brand and website is at a different stage of its lifecycle and it’s why we approach every SEO campaign as a unique project: in SEO there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and our team has experience supporting brands from launch and those that have been in their market for decades.

In addition to custom, agile, fully managed campaign plans we can also work on a combined approach with our clients' internal teams to make the most of in-house skills like copywriting and combining it with our experience delivering growth through SEO.

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Search Engine Marketing


We can grow your market share through organic search (SEO) or Search Engine Advertising (such as AdWords PPC). We’re proud to be Google Partners. To achieve this we had to demonstrate growth on our clients’ accounts and excellency in our approach and results to Google.

In addition, our Account Directors were required to pass Google’s advanced exams in Analytics and Search Marketing.

Our approach

When we’re performing SEO, running PPC search adverts or advertising on the display network to web users who have demonstrated behaviour to qualify them as a prospect, we have three core principles which ensure our clients’ campaigns deliver a significant ROI

  • Low traffic volume, highly qualified traffic
  • High traffic volume, broadly qualified traffic
  • Conversion tracking and ensuring an ROI

With this approach, and a focus on cost per action/conversion (not click or impression) and behaviour we can ensure you’re investing the right amount of budget in the right areas and delivering maximum return on investment from your search marketing activity.

No other team in the UK has been monitoring search behaviour in the events, leisure and hospitality industry for as long as we have with as large a portfolio of clients. This broad coverage of the industry makes our knowledge and strategy unrivalled and it’s because of this that we can deliver better results than other agencies and in-house teams in our industry.

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Community Management


Social media doesn’t provide a captive audience that has to listen just because they follow you. Successful social media isn’t built on ruthlessly acquiring followers with cheap tricks. It’s built on quality content and adding value to your community and follower growth happens naturally. The consequences of this is they’ll be engaged followers that love you and spend money with you.

To deliver results on social media the key is being social and producing media (the clue is in the name). You can’t be social, and you can’t produce media if you aren’t interesting. Media broadcasts interesting content, social people listen and add value to conversations. It’s a simple principle but getting right is anything but simple.

The buildings blocks of successful social media

  • Community management
  • Creative concepts, campaign curation and delivery
  • Blogging and other written publications
  • Visual media such as graphics, videos, charts, and visuals
  • Being found when people look for you.

With us you can outsource this channel completely or we can assist you in one area such as creative concepts and campaign curation.

We know from time to time growing businesses have a special message to deliver to a wider but qualified audience, or a need to grow their network quickly by extending beyond their organic reach and that’s why we provide social media advertising on all social media platforms. We can deliver campaigns on different cost models including cost per click, enquiry, impression or follow.

Our experience in social media community management and advertising, combined with our industry knowledge means we’re best placed to advise which platforms you should advertise on, define your message and approach, build your market segments and deliver your campaigns. Our monitoring and reporting mean you’ll have a clear picture of the return this activity is delivering and our experience in building segments, and delivering campaigns, means you’ll be getting the best social media team in the industry. Some of our clients have won awards for the social media marketing we have done for them.

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Content & Copywriting


We can provide copywriting for a single brochure, an entire website or a complete rebrand.

The members of our team are experts at capturing a brand’s unique voice and personality and writing copy which jumps out of the page.

Blogging and written content is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy. It’s useful for SEO, engaging website visitors, attracting qualified traffic from social media and other third-party websites, enhancing email marketing performance, giving prospective clients a motivation to follow you, demonstrating skills, USPs and personality and even changing the perception of a brand!

Everything we do starts with the end result in mind and we plan backwards to create a strategy. We research ideas and speak to different buyer personas to understand their feelings on the piece, in doing this we litmus test the possibility of success and during the process we discuss improvements to ensure the final piece delivers the desired result.

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Advertising & Promotion


If you’re thinking about an advertising campaign get in touch with us. Our combined buying power and industry network means we can deliver the best campaign for your budget and monitor its success.

Tell us your goals and we’ll advise you on the best media outlets, channels and mediums to achieve them, we’ll take care of all research, price negotiations and admin (like booking forms) and then we’ll regularly send you results, a list of deadlines, specs, who to send artwork to and anything else you need to know. We even have a design service should you need one.

All your advertising in one place, with centralised invoicing and a clear monthly statement. That’s one less reason to stay late at work!

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Media & PR


You need your PR agency to be super-connected and to have the knowledge to tell you what’s going to work, and the influence to make it happen. With an annual six figure spend on advertising in our industry and in-house marketing skills we deliver PR and comms activity that gets results and serves your wider marketing strategy and activity.

We can support your business in all levels or PR from defining and fulfilling an entire strategy to supporting in particular areas such as media relations, preparing and disseminating press releases or looking out for suitable forward features.

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Design & Visual Content


Your in-house creatives are not only great designers, they also know what approach works in our industry. From creating full adverting suites and one off adverts, to producing marketing or sales collateral, we provide a high-quality design service for on and offline formats.

We also provide visual content production to support your campaigns and allow you to adapt your message for seasonal changes. Websites and social media can no longer rely on text as a primary means of communication and our visual approach to conveying information will improve your engagement and results.

Our team will work with you to deliver a suite of visual content to ensure when you are promoting to a segment (e.g. Christmas events) your social media cover photos, imagery, cover photos, website headers and email signatures are carrying the same message and making the most of the opportunity to engage a prospective client.

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Web Design & Web Development


We can provide a complete design and build service, build from an existing design or an ongoing web maintenance support service for existing sites.

Within our team we have extensive experience in front-end design surrounding HTML5, CSS, and modern JS frameworks like Angular & Vue. This is complimented by experience in back-end development using PHP, Ruby, Python, and SQL. We have experience building and working on most open source platforms such as WordPress or Magento and with custom builds.

If you require a webmaster to take care of day to day updates we can also provide this service as well as web or email hosting.

Please find some examples of our latest websites we’ve developed – and

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Video Production


The power of video and its ability to engage and amplify your message provides a very exciting route to market. With social media algorithms prioritising video content over text-based posts, we can film and produce anything from a number of short snippet pieces to longer pieces aimed at giving viewers a lasting impression of your brand.