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As a full-service digital marketing agency, Patch is home to experienced teams covering a variety of disciplines from search to social. With in-house, dedicated specialists for each marketing activity that we provide, we can ensure that you’re in good hands – hands that are focused on achieving our clients’ objectives whether that be to launch a new website, product or service, break into a new market or keep things ticking. There is no benefit to us in selling you one service over another: we’ll only recommend what will work, and integrate into your existing marketing department.

Patch has been building an online presence for brands since 2010, and in that time have designed, built and maintained websites for businesses at varying stages of their lifecycle. Whether it be a new launch project, a single landing page, integrating ecommerce capability or maximising what you’ve got, our experienced web development team can do it all.
We all know the power of great content – but we can’t all make it happen. At Patch we’re all about objectives, so our approach to content production depends on what you’re trying to achieve, but we provide a multitude of types of copy and written content created by experienced writers.
We know that every brand is different with different ideas of social media success. Our social specialists will help you define what that looks like for you and develop a strategy to achieve it. We’ve worked with a variety of brands from start-up to household name and can manage your entire social media presence, write your content or focus on engaging an online community.


As a Google Partner with multi-sector experience, we provide PPC campaigns which focus on qualified acquisition and lead generation. We’ll work out how to best optimise and manage your budget for maximum impact, and make recommendations based on search behaviour within your target market and matching it with customer journeys.
Patch provides digital advertising that generates demand for our clients’ products and services. We’ll develop a thorough understanding of your target market, advise on which channels will maximise budgets, and provide target markets with the right message at each stage of the customer journey.


Our approach to SEO is focused on meeting client objectives, whether that be launching a new product, service or website, boosting local business or entering new territories, our experienced SEO team is made up of both content experts and technical SEO specialists to provide a full-service approach to SEO.
Patch provides a full-service media buying experience including everything from channel research and recommendation based on target markets and their buyer journeys, to negotiation, bookings, management and performance reviews.

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