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As an event organiser, it’s normal that you need to expand your marketing team or bring in new skills to support an events growth and sponsors requirements. That’s where we come in. As an event marketing agency, we’re on hand to provide the extra support and skills you need, when you need them.

We understand that in event marketing, time is precious, and you need an experienced team to hit the ground running. Our team consists of event marketing specialists from different disciplines of marketing, whatever it is you need support in, we can help.

Our team has experience providing marketing support for conferences, exhibitions, training, hybrid events, virtual events and B2C experiences.

We’ve been providing event marketing services since 2011 and we’ve built our agency around the typical marketing services events use as part of the event marketing process. Over the years, we’ve become a one stop shop for event marketing services where organisers can contract a range of agency services to supplement their inhouse team.

Event marketing services

Every event is different, some come to us in the planning stage and want marketing support at every stage of the event organisation process, others only know they need support when they need it. Whether we’re working on strategy or a single goal our focus is always on achieving results and making the most of the limited event marketing cycle. In addition to pre and post-event marketing, we also provide live support during the event.

After a chat where we’ll discuss your requirements, we’ll provide a proposal outlining the costs and impact you can expect from working together so you can make an informed decision about working with us.

Monitoring and optimising for optimum performance

Your target market is influenced by an unlimited number of factors. It means the best approach now, may not be the best approach in the future. Everything from consumer confidence to the publics’ preference to interact with certain challenges, images, colours, or words will impact how consumers engage (or don’t) with different messages, mediums, brands, products, and services.

We provide an online performance dashboard that will bring all of your event’s marketing performance data into one place alongside your website’s analytics and registration goal tracking.

The performance dashboard becomes the centre of regular meetings with your account manager as it’s used to review performance and share learnings between teams.

Want to talk?

Contact us for a chat about your event goals and we’ll tell you if we’re the right agency to reach them, and if we can… how we’ll do it and when you’ll see results.


Event Marketing Services

Events target niche audiences and successful event promotion is a result of matching an event’s value proposition with the correct audience. We’ve mastered building audience profiles on most major advertising networks.

Wherever your audience is online, we’ll help you and introduce them to your event.

We work on most major search and social networks. After a meeting to discuss your audience, their motivations and campaign objectives we’ll recommend the best networks, audiences, and positions with a proposal on how we’re going to reach your prospects and achieve the impact you want.

Navigating the media landscape can give you a headache if you’re not careful! Through careful research, we find relevant, high-quality websites and publications that are of interest to your audience – saving you time in finding the most effective ad space. Understanding your audience is vital to maximising the use of your budget – we like to save the leg work for our clients by providing a full media buying service – so you can get on with the stuff you’d rather be doing.

Our media buying process looks like this: We do all the channel research, make contact with the relevant media channels on your behalf, make your bookings and send over deadlines (providing specifications and contacts for any design work); then we provide you with performance reviews to show your return on investment.

We’re specialists on the following networks:  

Google search, display and video

Bing Ads








Tik Tok

Every event marketer knows the value of email marketing for delegate, exhibitor, and sponsor acquisition but where our team excels is through the power of storytelling and demonstration. This cuts through the noise in a world where potential attendees are bombarded with invitations to multiple events that appear to be offering similar things.

We help our clients use email to engage their data list and demonstrate what they will get out of attending the event. By applying the same performance marketing techniques and learning from analysis we use on other digital channels we are continuously looking to maximise email performance as we know every percentage improvement has a direct impact on your event’s bottom line.

Social media is now as much a part of the event experience as the event itself. Your attendees and sponsors want to engage with the event, and it provides an opportunity to improve the event experience and amplify the reach of your event increasing its impact.

We’ve worked with launch events, fast growth events, association events and well-established events struggling to reach peak numbers after a setback. We know the power of social media in acquiring delegates and amplifying reach for sponsors and we know events centre around communities that can be leveraged for maximum social impact.


We can help you research market size on social media, as well as the topics your audience is talking about and engaging with. We can manage your social channels, before, during and after the event and adapt as objectives adapt from delegate acquisition, demonstrating the events value propositions and proving value for key stakeholders.

Events produce hours upon hours of content and if captured, edited and distributed to your target audience it provides a compelling way to offer more of the content they love after the event has taken place. It can be used to capture an audience throughout the year and you know the audience will be interested in your event’s topics because your content is generated from them.

Content can be a powerful way to engage social media followers, expand your event brand’s reach through sharing, increase CTRs on advertising positions, provide a reason to subscribe to your email newsletter and increase email open and click rates.

If content is optimised for search it offers an additional benefit. Every day there are probably hundreds, or even thousands, of internet searches from people seeking solutions, answers, and analysis that your event’s speakers provided at your event. Capturing content and optimising it for search is an excellent way to continually introduce new people to your event, who you know are interested in its topics. Distributing your event content in this way gives your speakers and sponsors even more exposure and a lasting exposure after the event has taken place.

We know event websites need to look engaging, exciting, and fit their target industry. We develop new sites from scratch, modernise aging sites and provide solutions and maintenance. As event marketing experts we know what an event site needs to achieve its goals.


We have experience integrating audience management and networking software and are on hand to provide best practice advice on areas such as floorplans, exhibitor listings or the best way to list the event programme on your site.

The support you need

We know events have changing needs and often face unexpected circumstances, we’re on hand to increase support rapidly if you need it.

Our clients think of us as an extension of their team, the extra pair of hands and skills required to get the job done. Through adding value and demonstrating our impact we make lasting partnerships with our clients and aim to become their event marketing growth partner.

Need help fast? Contact us today, in most cases we can start offering support within 48 hours.

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