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The media planning and buying process involves finding relevant, high quality websites and publications that are of interest to a client’s target audience to find the most effective ad space. Understanding your audience is vital: what do they read? When? Why?

We’ll also get an understanding of the print:digital ratio to identify what the majority of your target audience prefer, as well as where they are in the buyer journey when using those platforms. For example, if you’re targeting an older generation, print publications may still be favourable, whereas targeting young, engaged couples is more likely to be digital. And after all that, do they have purchase intent or are they just having a browse or consuming useful content? We’ll help you figure all of this out by getting to know your target markets and how they shop inside out.

As ever, understanding target markets is at the heart of the activity: if we don’t know what websites they visit or which publications they read before you buy space, there’s kind of no point (sorry).

Effective media buying activity puts the right ads in the right place, for the right people, at the right time.

Our approach to media buying

Why choose Patch as your digital marketing agency

Let’s be blunt: you choose Patch as your media buying agency for time and budget savings.

We’ve been known to get hundreds of pounds off the rate card for our clients, thanks to the established, long-standing relationships that we have with publishers – plus, we know that effective media plan management is time-consuming and often chaotic, which is why we offer the full whack.

We’re experienced, do this stuff all the time, and have a super organised media buying team to do all the hard work for you. Organisation and planning are key and, whilst it might not be ideal, media planning requires and deserves time spent on it.

At Patch, our media buying department also provides a channel management service which ensures that all of your listings are up to date and correct with all the latest information, imagery and more – and we’ll keep it all up to date for you.

To find out more about Patch as a media buying agency or discuss your requirements, get in touch with our experienced team on 020 7952 1740 or drop us a note at

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