A simple SEO content strategy for any business

We’re a marketing agency that provides SEO without bullshit. We’re sharing a simple SEO content strategy that can be applied to any business.   The SEO content strategy at a glance Base your keyword research around the topics your audience are looking for at different stages of the typical customer journey. Produce content to rank […]

Campaign Blog: Tesco asks customers go support local pub

Instead of promoting a six pack for £4 or three for two on selected wines, Tesco has asked their customers to go and support their local pub instead. Creative agency BBH incorporated Tesco’s strapline ‘every little helps’ into three full-page ads in The Times when asking for customers to consider visiting their local pub instead […]

Why your organic click-through rate is low

A low organic click-through rate from search shows that your website isn’t working hard for you when it comes to gaining the right visitors. High traffic volumes might feel like a win for you, but if they’re not qualified, sticking around or even choosing your search result to begin with, not only will your click-through […]

Hiring a marketer: questions to ask in a marketing interview

We’ve all been misled in an interview, whether it be as employer or employee. It’s disappointing for everyone. You’re excited about a hire, you bring them in, but it quickly turns out they were a top blagger. On the other side of the coin, we’ve all been sold an exciting, inspiring company story as candidates […]