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We’re a social media agency that knows every brand is different. We know that on social media the definition of success varies depending on a brand’s stage of life and industry. We work with our clients to define what success looks like for their brand, and we develop social marketing strategies designed to achieve success. Our objective is to help our clients use their brand’s social power to its maximum potential.

Since 2010 we’ve managed social media accounts and online communities for over 80 brands. We’re a multi-sector agency and have experience working at all stages of a brand’s life; from start-ups to household name brands established for decades. We recommend the right mix of social channels and deliver plans that engage audiences and increase sales.

In addition to developing social strategies and managing social media channels we also provide social media advertising.

We produce social strategies that engage

An industry tuned in to what a brand is saying causes audience growth to happen naturally, and organic audience growth quickly develops into followers who love the brand for what it is and what it does.

The way content is served on social media means followers won’t see your publications just because they follow you. If your brand publishes content that engages and participates in discussions that matter, people will hear you, even if they don’t already follow you.

When we produce a social media strategy, we get to know our client’s market, the social media platforms they use and the best way for your products and services to stand out. As social media managers our objective is to do more than generate brand awareness by broadcasting from our clients’ accounts.

Our objective is to become the social voice of our clients, to be in the places their market spends time and to inspire emotions that create actions.

Our approach

At the centre of our approach to social media is an objective to turn followers into clients.

Inspiring emotions is the key to success in any digital marketing strategy. Before we recommend anything, we develop a thorough understanding of our client’s target audience and buyer personas. This insight means we know the emotions that drive them to interact with brands online and the reasons they chose one brand over another. We start with your objectives in mind and use past performance data to forecast what amount of activity needs to be performed to achieve your goals. This approach makes it easy to set performance targets to ensure our clients social media campaigns are on track.

By creating content that resonates with your target market we establish a brand voice that matters and an audience that listens.

Social media is the place where stories are told. It’s where relationships are made and it’s where opinions are formed. It has the power to make or break reputations and if used well, the power to turn a brand from mediocre to amazing. Understanding how your customers use social media means we can put the right content, in front of the right people at the right time.

The best approach for social media marketing for your business

Some brands use social media as a tool for publishing content for an audience of followers and focus solely on publishing and audience growth. Other brands consider social media a network of real people and follow a community approach.

Brands that focus on the community part of social media tend to go beyond their own network to engage with new people, make meaningful connections and through community involvement establish their brand as an authoritative and influential voice in its industry. Those that publish seek to inform and engage their audience to turn them into clients and brand advocates.

There’s no right approach to social media. By understanding what you want from it, and what you want for your brand, our social media experts can advise on the pros and cons of different approaches and recommend the best model for your budget and goals.

Things we’re proud of

80 %
YoY increase in organic Twitter impressions for an event insurance brand
900 %
YoY increase in organic engagements on social media during a campaign for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts
400 %
increase in Instagram engagement witin our first year working with a venue marketing consortium

Defining your road map to success

Social media marketing needs objectives and targets to make sure it’s on track to reach goals. Defining the impact social media has for a brand means we can develop goal orientated plans and set targets. Our scientific approach to planning and targets means we have a road map to track performance along the way.

Transparency and commitment to goals

We provide our clients an online portal to monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns. The portal provides real time insight on the performance of all the channels we’re working on in one place. We agree targets in advance, and we’re so proud of our work we don’t mind our clients watching our performance. Not many people can see how their marketing agency has performed, in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

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