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Specialists in Result-Driven Venue Marketing Strategies

As a busy venue, you need the trust and reassurance that comes from partnering with a marketing agency which understands the complexities of your industry. Every venue is inherently unique, so creating a bespoke venue marketing strategy tailored specifically to achieving your objectives is vital but isn’t always straightforward. At Patch Marketing, we have a dedicated team of event and venue digital marketing specialists ready to help take the reins.

We understand exactly what is required to devise and execute a venue marketing strategy that engages with your audience, drives traffic to your site and generates leads. Since 2010, we’ve been instrumental in helping a multitude of venues achieve or exceed their targets–generating new revenue and increased occupancy for existing bookings, while building brand awareness.

How do we do that? By utilising the best digital marketing tools and channels. From search engine optimisation, paid social media and search engine advertisements, and social media managementto web development, content creation, and media buying; we know how best to reach your target audience at the right time.

We invest the time needed to gain an in-depth understanding of your venue’s business goals before creating our customised venue marketing strategy. Whether striving to generate more bookings, increase awareness, or be positioned at the forefront of event planners’ minds, we focus on ensuring your KPIs are consistently met. We work in collaboration with you, providing support and expert advice each step of the way as you develop your venue’s marketing journey and ultimately, grow your business. 

Event Venue Marketing Services

We’ve designed our venue marketing services to swiftly deliver the actions needed to achieve your targets. Some venues use all our services, making us an extension of their own team, while others engage us for specific marketing services, as required. We’ll work with you to complement your existing team’s skillset and understand the most beneficial services for your venue, tailoring our proposition around the most effective routes to securing results. 

After an initial chat to explore and understand your requirements we’ll send you a proposal outlining exactly what we can achieve for you – and how! We’re 100% ‘faff-free’, so you’ll get easy to digest, jargon-free facts, meaning you can make a clear and informed decision about working with us.

Venue Marketing Campaigns built from the Ground Up


With any service or agency, you want to see a positive return on your investment as quickly as possible. Our digital marketing campaigns for venues are KPI-focused and data driven, ensuring measurable targets are centred around your bottom line, and designed wholly with your unique venue in mind. 

We take a 4-tier approach to strategy building with our clients. 

  • Assess – your previous approach and activity, current brief, goals and objectives.
  • Plan & Research – your target market, current market conditions and future trends.
  • Create – proposing a marketing plan designed specifically to meet your needs, for approval by you.
  • Execute – building and implementing the campaigns, including interactive dashboards so you can monitor progress every step of the way.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing for Venues

Our philosophy is founded on the understanding that every event venue is inherently different. Whether you host sporting events, conferences, weddings, team building or gala dinners – your venue’s strategy needs a bespoke, thoroughly researched and data-driven approach.

As event venue digital marketing specialists, we take the time to understand the intricacies of your target audience. Combining this insight with our industry knowledge, we establish the best routes to reaching the right buyers and converting them into engaged and revenue-boosting customers. 

Monitoring and Optimising Campaigns for Best Performance

Your target market is influenced by an unlimited number of factors, meaning the best approach now may change in the future. Everythingfrom consumer confidence to public responses to certain challenges, images, colours, or wordswill impact how buyers engage (or don’t) with different messages, mediums, brands, products and services. 

To remain ahead of these ever-changing trends, we create an online performance dashboard that brings all marketing performance data into one place, alongside your website’s analytics. 

The performance dashboard will become integral to regular meetings with your account manager as it’s used to review performance and share learnings between teams, allowing you to adapt and thrive. 

Want to discover what we can do to elevate your venue marketing strategy?

Contact us now to discuss your venue’s sales and marketing goals and we’ll create a no obligation strategic plan to help you achieve them. 


Event planners searching for venues are discovering them in a variety of ways. Ensuring you’re featured on the most relevant sites and listings, and that your content is correctly optimised, is essential for lead generation. However, constantly remaining up to date with this process can be extremely time consuming!

Our experts help preserve your vital resources, by providing ongoing channel management including organising and updating your venues’ details, capacities, floorplans, promotions and imagery, while ensuring consistency across multiple listings. If you’re looking to maximise performance while keeping management in-house, we can conduct an audit of your current listings and make recommendations for improvement. Our copywriting and content team will work with you to define your bespoke strategy – they are skilled at harnessing the power of words and strong visuals to hook potential clients find out more about our content team’s approach here!

Positioning your venue front and centre within a competitive sector takes considerable time. Through careful research, we find relevant, high-quality websites and publications that directly reach our clients target audiencesdrawing on our expertise to find the most effective ad space available. Understanding your audience is crucial to maximising your media budgetmany of our clients leave the leg work to us, utilising our full media buying service. This includes everything from channel research and recommendations based on target markets and buyer journeys, to negotiation, bookings, management and performance reviews. 

With Patch as your media buying partner, we’ll conduct all channel research, contact the relevant media outlets, secure bookings and schedule deadlines (providing specifications and contacts for any design work). And of course, provide you with performance reviews to monitor your return on investment.

We also offer channel management ensuring your listings are kept fully up to date and optimised in accordance with your current activity and promotions. Our media buying and channel management services help keep your vital time free to focus on selling and operating your venue.  

E-mail marketing is a highly effective way to reach new audiences and increase conversions. It also helps re-engage and nurture your existing client base – keeping your venue fresh and relevant in their minds. 

Our approach to e-mail marketing avoids irrelevant and annoying sales messaging, or ‘spammy’ practices that land you in your audience’s junk folder or on their unsubscribe list. We study your customers’ end to end journeys, devising an engaging e-mail marketing strategy that keeps them interested in your brand, news and offers, increasing lead generation and conversion rates. 

Our expert team will tailor a bespoke plan for your venue, covering strategy, content, execution and post-campaign analysis. Alternatively, we can support you with a specific query or part of the process if that’s all you require. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

Social media offers limitless potential for reaching new customers and continually creating a buzz around your brand and venue. Our venue marketing strategies include both organic and paid social media marketing, engaging your target audience with carefully curated creative content. 

The aim of any social media marketing is ultimately either to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your channels or generate leads for your venue. This is achieved through regularly posting content that educates, informs and resonates with your audience. 

As venue marketing experts, we are well equipped to assist you at all stages of your social media marketing journey. Whether youre looking to build and execute a strategy with ongoing support or require ad-hoc assistance for a specific campaign – Patch has your needs covered. 

Here at Patch, our approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is focused on meeting client objectives, whether that’s launching a new website, venue space, or service provision. Our SEO experts will help boost business in your target markets, utilising tried and tested content and technical SEO best practices, to provide you with a full-service approach to SEO. 

SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of a brand in search engines. A successful SEO strategy will place your venue directly in front of its target audience, at every stage of the customer journey as they rely on search engines to find products and services. Our objective when employing SEO strategies is to ensure our clients’ websites are repeatedly found in search engines when planners are researching event venues, driving enquiries that lead to bookings. 

We also provide our clients with an interactive SEO marketing performance dashboard. This allows them to analyse the results of their SEO activity in real time. It provides invaluable metrics including ranks, traffic, goal conversion, organic search queries, backlinks and much more. 

We’re confident in the success of our SEO performance and proud of the transparency we offer by giving our clients the tools to monitor their marketing activity in real time. 

We all know the power of great content – but getting this right in the creation stage is often easier said than done. At Patch, we’re all about objectives, so our approach to content production will be aligned with your goals. Our experienced writers can craft compelling copy in a multitude of written content formats – making writer’s block a thing of the past for you! 

We rely on the human approach to storytelling, producing original copy ranging from short-form social media captions or e-mail marketing content, to press releases, case studies and blogs. If you already have a defined content marketing strategy and are looking for ad-hoc support with creation we are here to help.  Alternatively, if you’re at a loss with where to begin and need both the strategic planning and copywriting covered – we can also do that! 

Get in touch with us for expert advice or to discuss your specific requirements (no obligation or hard sales involved and that’s a Patch promise!) 

As a specialist venue marketing agency, Patch’s expert team has been developing an online presence for venues since 2010. During that time, we’ve designed, built and maintained websites for a diverse range of businesses at varying stages of their lifecycle. Whether you need your existing site optimised, the creation of a single landing page or entirely new website, our experienced web development team can deliver the goods. 

Our clients range from niche venues to international conference centres and leading visitor attractions, with requirements for web projects that vary in size and functionality. Our team has the capabilities to advise, optimise and develop your site in accordance with your needs, to make your vision a functioning reality. We understand the goal is often to attract more visitors to your site, increasing their likelihood of making an enquiry and booking with you. So along with your brief objectives, we always keep this ultimate objective in mind when designing your website.  

We’re a Google Partner pay-per-click (PPC) venue marketing agency, providing specialist PPC services, including search, content distribution, social media, display and video channels, for the events industry.  We’ve previously managed PPC campaigns for some of the world’s most competitive brands, demonstrating tangible ROI and helping our clients grow their businesses through PPC marketing. 

We focus on qualified acquisition and lead generation – tracking campaign performance from first click-through to sale, and every step in between. Our approach to campaign structuring allows us to test, learn and adapt quickly to performance data, so our clients always get the most benefit from their PPC budgets. 

Expert Venue Marketing Support

We realise that operating a successful venue is a fluid rather than static process. We understand that the ever-changing needs and priorities of the events industry are impacted by international, national, and local factors. 

Consider Patch as an extension of your in-house team. We have the expertise and tools to deliver the level of support you need, when you need it. 

We continually support, advise and consult with our clients providing the knowledge, value and resources that enable them to achieve short and long-term goals. Whether you operate an international conference centre or luxury events venue, we have extensive experience in creating, analysing, and executing high performance marketing plans, customised to suit your unique business.   

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