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Event Venue Listings Audit Services

Events venue digital listing audit

Updating your digital listing sites as a venue worker can be frustrating. In fact, a recent survey showed 77% of venues find channel management ‘painful and annoying’. We’re going to solve that for you.

After this process, your information is updated on all websites where your venue is listed. Updated images and appropriate content ensuring relevant enquiries. Who doesn’t want that? 

"Thanks to Patch’s venue listing audit we saw an increased conversion rate of 14% through our venue listing partner websites"
Rowan Kitching
Director of Catering and Events

The Channel Management Process

We find common search words for your event venue, so we know all the websites you appear on.

Then we review these with a fine-tooth comb and make observations and recommendations on how to improve.

With your approval, we implement the changes, including amending duplicated descriptions.

You keep the finished spreadsheet, so you have it for future reference with all your login details.

The Results

If your content connects with an event planner, you’ll receive more qualified venue enquiries that are more likely to convert into bookings. As mentioned above, The HAC saw a 14% increase in enquiry conversions, so we’re confident you’ll see an increase.


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