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Building an online presence for brands since 2010

Since we started out, we’ve designed, built and maintained websites for brands at various stages of their lifecycle. As a multi-sector agency, we’ve worked with clients in a range of industries including leisure, hospitality, ecommerce, SaaS, professional services, cybersecurity, NFP, FMCG, property and manufacturing but we’re pretty sure we’d be successful in any industry.

We been the web dev agency for projects of all shapes and sizes from as little as a single landing page to large scale developments with ecommerce, integration to the client’s CRM and a fully automated customer process. We’ve worked on global brands, multi-lingual websites and have a track record of building sites that achieve our clients’ goals.

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Everyone says they’re a good web dev agency though

It’s true, even web dev agencies on Fivver who’ll give you an entire site for £150 will say they’re a good web development agency. To be honest, for the money they get, they do a blinding job. What makes us good? The research, the planning, a long track record in delighting customers and creating sites that achieve goals.

Why do Patch websites achieve goals?

We started out as a marketing agency and built a web development division because our clients kept asking us if we could do it. When you start out as a performance-based agency you keep that culture, in everything we do we start with the end in mind and plan backwards from goals. Even though the briefs we receive are often titled “new website” we know nobody just wants a new website. We know the brief is to increase the likelihood of your site acquiring visitors, to increase the likelihood of those visitors engaging with your brand and to increase the number of customers that use your product or service.

Before we design or build anything, we’ll get a throughout understanding of what you want to gain from your web development project. There’s a reason you’re thinking about hiring a web dev agency and there’s a way that new site will help you recoup your investment. We’ll not only design the site, we’ll help you make it an objective-led design and help you decide upon metrics to track it.

How long does it take?

It really depends on the size of your site and how quickly you need the project completing. We’ve built sites with ecommerce capabilities for SMEs within two weeks from start to finish and we have other clients who prefer to spread the project over a longer period of time. In most cases we can design and build your web project as quickly as you need but there will be a demand on you to sign things off. We typically have a discussion about deliverables and your involvement providing feedback and we agree a timeline that’s realistic.

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