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Multi-channel Engagement
Exceeding revenue targets for a seasonal business
Our client is an events venue with quiet winters. For this three-month campaign, it was our job to creatively engage wider audiences during these quieter months using a bit of fun. As a result, our client exceeded their income forecast for the time period as well as covering previous shortfall. Here’s how we did it.

The brief

A client approached Patch with an objective: they wanted to increase awareness of their brand, show their industry the personality of the team and, most importantly, to grow market share and revenue. They were two months into their budget year which started on 1st September and had not hit forecast on either month, and the upcoming third month wasn’t looking promising.

Their objectives were clear, their brief was simple: come up with something that will engage a wider audience to help exceed revenue targets in winter, a traditionally quiet time for them as a business.

The concept

Our creative team got together and began profiling target audiences, determining the best ways to reach and engage with them. Taking into account the age and seniority of their core target market – event professionals – the end result was a personality quiz to determine ‘what type of event organiser are you?’

This quiz, whilst a bit of fun, played to the curiosity of potential participants. It was a familiar concept thanks to likes of BuzzFeed, so this made it simple for everyone to understand and participate in. It was also designed so that people could share their results on social media and invite their friends to join in.

Once the concept was created, Patch’s marketing specialists got involved to determine the best ways to encourage participation. A media partnership was established with an industry key player, giving the quiz authenticity (and a larger reach). In addition to this, our social media team were publishing posts on our client’s channels to encourage followers to participate in the quiz and re-posting people’s results.

Pre-written social media posts and email signature calls to action were provided to all members of the in-house team so they could leverage their personal social networks and touchpoints with prospective clients to encourage participation. At the same time, Patch was running email campaigns to their database.

The results

In total there were 863 quiz participants that fully completed the quiz (and just as many half completed) in the three months the quiz campaign was running (December, January and February). Our client exceeded their income forecasts for those months as well as covering the shortfall from previous months.

Revenue during the quiz campaign

December – 36.4% over forecast
January– 6.5% over forecast
Feb – 54.8% over forecast
March – 19.4% over forecast

Web traffic increase for December, January and February

68% YOY increase in users
81% YOY increase in sessions
40% YOY increase in page views

Extending the life of the campaign

Once the three-month campaign was over, we leveraged the results by getting press coverage and making the results the subject of social media and email campaigns. The quiz was kept open for two months afterwards and the in-house team used their email signatures and personal networks to promote the results and invite more people to visit their website and participate. By the time we closed the quiz there were more than 1,000 participants that had fully completed the quiz. 500 was the target when we launched the campaign.

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