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We’re an SEO agency based in Kent. Established in 2010, we have a long track record of using search engine optimisation to grow brands.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the visibility of a brand in search engines.

In our opinion, a successful SEO strategy is one that puts a brand in front of its target market, at every stage of the customer journey as they use search engines to look for products and services.

Our objective as an SEO agency is to make sure our clients’ websites are found in search engines again and again as their customers are defining the need for a product or service, researching solutions and making a purchase.

As an SEO agency we’ve achieved top ranks in some of the most competitive industries in the UK and Europe and have consistently delivered business growth for our clients.

The team at our SEO agency includes web developers, SEO consultants, outreach specialists and content producers. The mix of disciplines in our SEO agency team allows us to be agile in our approach and provide the skills and team members our clients need to reach their goals. Not every SEO campaign is the same and neither is the skillset required.

In fact, the best SEO approach varies from brand to brand and market to market and there are some things most people could do themselves with a little guidance. As an SEO agency, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients’ goals, history and skills so we can recommend the best SEO team and campaign. One of our directors wrote a blog post for Tweak Your Biz magazine titled ‘How to determine what type of SEO your business needs‘. It’s provides a good explanation of the different types of SEO agencies, specialists and strategies and outlines how three different brands needed very different approaches (and skillsets) to reach their SEO goals.

Every SEO strategy we make is goal orientated, based on competitor activity and as a result, is custom made with our client’s goals in mind.

The key to our success as an SEO agency is getting to know our client’s market; the keywords they search, the search verticals they use, their intent and how our clients can best stand out to inspire emotions and create action.

Whether you’re a small business, large business or about to launch, our method is to improve your search visibility at all stages of your customers’ journey. Our mission is to use search engines to put you on your customers radar before they have even realised they need your products and services.

Our approach

  1. We make sure we understand our clients’ business goals
  2. We help convert business goals into SEO goals
  3. We define KPIs and milestone targets to ensure SEO achieves its forecast impact
  4. We deliver goal-orientated SEO activity
  5. We monitor progress, website traffic growth, quality of traffic and SEO related sales growth and if it happens, we mitigate against poor performance quickly to keep things on track and on target
  6. We consistently hit our targets, grow our clients’ businesses, and work honestly and transparently

How we start an SEO campaign

It starts with the product. First, we get to know the product and its customer journeys. Then we outline how its market behaves on search engines. We research the information they seek and how our client’s brand can stand out. We ascertain which search engine verticals they use at each stage of their journey. What they are looking for and how your brand can be found.

Search engine verticals are the different types of organic rankings. All, map, image and video. Knowing how your market uses search engines is key to a successful SEO campaign.

What type of SEO do you need for your brand?

There are four pillars to SEO, each of which could be more or less useful to your brand. We offer a complete service, thoroughly covering all these areas, or a bespoke offering which only touches on a select number of these pillars. They are:


Our SEO services

In addition to fully managed campaign plans we also work on a combined approach with our clients’ internal teams to make the most of in-house skills and combine it with our SEO services.

Our team

As an SEO agency we have a track record of delivering SEO campaigns that provide a return on investment. Our SEO strategies establish a stable business position that supports growth now and in the future. We know every brand and website is at a different stage of its lifecycle. It’s why we approach every SEO campaign as a unique project. In SEO there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team has experience supporting brands of all shapes and sizes in the UK and internationally.

How we track SEO performance

Like most SEO agencies we track ranks but ranks without clicks can be deceiving. Our objective to acquire qualified traffic that converts into customers. We provide our clients with an interactive marketing performance dashboard. It allows them to analyse the performance of their SEO activity in real time. It provides all metrics including ranks, traffic, goal conversion, organic search queries, backlinks and much more.

We’re proud of our transparency and performance. It’s why we give our clients the tools to monitor their marketing activity in real time.

Why Patch as your SEO Agency

How much does an SEO agency cost?

We provide SEO services on an hourly or project basis. Our hourly rates start at £85 + VAT per hour. There isn’t a job too big or too small. If you wanted to, you could hire us for one hour for £85 + VAT. Some of our clients hire us on an hourly basis to do individual jobs to suppliment their team, other clients hire us as a full-service SEO agency to deliver every aspect of their SEO campaign.
Before we provide a quote we’ll discuss your business objectives, how they translate into SEO goals and what you need from your SEO agency. We’ll also look at your market and competitors for your target ranks. SEO is a comptetetive activity. The amount of time you’ll need your SEO agency to spend to be succesful will be dictated by your market.
When we provide a quote we’ll recommend how many hours you’ll need from an SEO agency to compete succesfully for your target keywords. If you decide to work with us, we’ll provide a scientific plan with KPIs along the way so we can easily track performance and ensure success.

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