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The right local SEO activity for the right business increases enquiries.

It means that our clients appear in local searches and are reputable sources of information for locals with buyer intent, and appear in the right places at the right time. It puts them on the map – literally.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is one element of SEO strategy, which takes on a location-based focus to increase website traffic and enquiries from people looking for a product or service in your local area. For example, let’s say you’re an events venue or a hairdresser. It’s not difficult to work out here that the bulk of your clientele are going to be searching for a specific location when they look for your service (for example, ‘events venue in London’ or ‘hairdressers in Kent’). We help businesses to appear in local search.

Our approach to local SEO

An effective SEO strategy isn’t just about keywords. It means looking at businesses on a case-by-case basis to identify what will be most fruitful for them. Our approach to local SEO is entirely bespoke and looks at the needs, requirements and buyer journeys for each of our clients. Using this information, we can work out how best to get those enquiries coming in.

First and foremost, we’ll help you identify whether local SEO is right for you. We don’t just sell services because we’re good at them; we sell services because they’re strategically absolutely right for our clients – and local SEO isn’t suitable for every business.

Identifying the right mix of keywords is vital to a successful local SEO strategy. You might not want to put all of your eggs into the local basket, for example, and will require a mix of location-based and product-based keywords. Should local SEO be your entire focus, or part of a wider SEO strategy? How are your targets looking for a service like yours? Is the search landscape in your industry dominated by directories we can’t compete with? If you sell products online, your SEO strategy will look very different to that of a local bistro. We’ll research and create the right mix of the right keywords that are not only relevant and strategic, but feasible to compete for.

On-page local SEO

There are two elements to a local SEO strategy: on-page and off-page.

The on-page side of your local SEO strategy will be largely focused on including the right keywords in the right places, producing useful and valuable content for the local buyer and ensuring that your website content is sending Google all the right signals that you are relevant for local searches.

Off-page local SEO

Off-page local SEO is focused on activity that takes place away from your website: local backlinks, citations, map searches and your Google My Business profile.

All of this activity takes place off the website but sends signals to Google about where you are based. This means that when somebody searches for your service in (or near) your location, you’re there in the map pack results and endorsed by authoritative local publications.

Local SEO measurement

To measure the effectiveness of your local SEO strategy, we’ll monitor your rankings on an ongoing basis using position tracking tools. If you’re overtaken by a competitor in search, there will usually be a reason for it. By tracking keywords all the time, we’re able to react to these changes quickly and make optimisations accordingly.

We’ll also monitor your off-page SEO: backlinks gained and lost, map rankings and citation errors and updates. We’ll gain an understanding of the entire landscape: where your competitors are ranking, what they’re doing and why, what this means for you. All of this allows us to be proactive in optimisations to ensure that your local SEO strategy is always effective.

Ongoing management and reporting is vital to any SEO campaign and we’re not shy about what we’re up to. We provide real-time data on our work with a live dashboard that clients can log into whenever they like – it doesn’t get more transparent than that.

Why Patch as your SEO Agency

Patch is a full-service digital marketing agency, with departments dedicated to each service that we provide. This means that we can not only provide our clients with experts, but that we can provide the services which are most suitable for your business: it’s about what’s going to work.

Our approach to everything that we do is focused on gaining a true understanding of our clients and their businesses, ensuring that we know exactly who we’re targeting, with what and when, to ensure that we’re maximising opportunity and can work out exactly what’s right for your target market(s).

All of this helps us to build great relationships with great people: we work in partnership with our clients to generate the best outcomes and help them to meet their objectives.

At Patch we’re about chemistry, transparency and brilliant results – simple.

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