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On-Page SEO Agency

SEO activity is usually split into two types: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO refers to anything that happens on your website, off-page is anything away from it (backlink acquisition, for example).

On-page SEO provides Google with insight into how relevant your website is to a search term and includes some of its most important ranking factors.

The role of on-page SEO

Search engines keep massive indexes of content from all over the internet and file it away, ready for when somebody makes a search. When the search is made, Google sifts through its index of content to find the most relevant results for that search term. On-page SEO factors tell Google how relevant your page is to each search: kind of important.

Our approach to on-page SEO

On-page SEO strategy usually takes a content focus. But, importantly, not all content is SEO content.

You can write the most wonderful copy about your innovative range of trainers but if it’s not optimised, it won’t rank (unless you’re Nike, but that’s a whole other conversation). SEO content is optimised in a number of specific ways to incorporate many ranking factors. This includes the right keywords at the right frequency, the headings used on each page, internal linking, metadata, optimisation of images – but, in equal measure, relevancy.

SEO content is designed with one of two objectives in mind: acquisition or engagement. The acquisition goal is all about generating traffic and, therefore, rank – but it’s important to incorporate this at every stage of the buyer journey. The research stage of most purchases starts with a search engine. Being found during research puts your search result directly in front of somebody who is showing buyer intent, so it’s just as important to provide value and answer questions as it is to provide the right product.

Why Patch as your SEO Agency

Patch is a full-service digital marketing agency, with departments dedicated to each service that we provide. This means that we can not only provide our clients with experts, but that we can provide the services which are most suitable for your business: it’s about what’s going to work.

Our approach to everything that we do is focused on gaining a true understanding of our clients and their businesses, ensuring that we know exactly who we’re targeting, with what and when, to ensure that we’re maximising opportunity and can work out exactly what’s right for your target market(s).

All of this helps us to build great relationships with great people: we work in partnership with our clients to generate the best outcomes and help them to meet their objectives.

At Patch we’re about chemistry, transparency and brilliant results – simple.

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