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Quora provides an incredible level of targeting that enables brands to reach their target audience at all stages of the customer journey. A question-based community with over 300 million active users per month, Quora is frequently one of the top ranks in search engines for question searches.

With over 300 million questions and counting on Quora, any brand can use those questions to reach a targeted audience that is facing issues their product or service can solve.

Quora advertising

Quora provides interest targeting like other advertising networks. Interest targeting combined with question targeting provides an ability to build specific audiences. You can target your audience as they use Quora, you can sponsor specific questions and you can even appear in their email newsletter.

Why is Quora so popular

Quora’s high user base is a result of it ranking so well for so many question searches in search engines. Its specific topics, the necessity to have an account to see answers and its tailored email newsletter are the reason it has become so popular. Their user marketing strategies include suggested questions, invitations to answer questions related to a users’ expertise and newsletters containing suggested questions related topics a user has recently viewed. It means Quora is constantly finding and nurturing users interests and helping them solve their problems. That model is why, for some brands, it’s become a favourite for audience targeted digital advertising.

What can I expect from Quora marketing?

For some brands Quora is used to build brand awareness among a targeted audience. Others use it for lead generation and some prefer to use it as part of their social media strategy.

We work with our clients to define the best approach to Quora advertising for their brand and budget. We define KPIs and targets, so they can ensure their Quora marketing campaign remains on track to reach its goals.

Conversion tracking and retargeting

We set up the Quora pixel on our clients’ websites. This means we can analyse performance of web traffic the campaigns generate. In addition, we track and report on the performance of the advertising campaigns on the Quora network. This provides our clients with insight into the impact of their advertising using conventional measures and insight into audience behaviour when it visits their site and interacts with their brand.

By installing the Quora pixel we’re able to build re-targeting audiences and serve content to them on Quora network increasing potential touch points between a brand and its market at different stages of the customer journey.

Copy and creative for Quora marketing

We have an inhouse content and copywriting team and our own graphic designers. If you’re using your own content producers, writers or designers, we can provide guidance on best practice for Quora marketing and a brief to ensure what you publish is optimised for the channel.

Quora image ads

Quora image ads appear on the home feed, topic feed, question pages, and the Quora Digest (their email newsletter). As a platform that’s mostly text, image ads are a great way to stand out and grab attention.

Quora image ad specs


Headline sentence character max:
65 characters
Body text character max:
105 characters

Hero image

Accepted image formats:
Aspect ratio:
Minimum image dimensions:
600 x 335 pixels

Company logo

Accepted image formats:
displayed as a circle
Recommended logo image size:
500 x 500 pixels

Quora text ads

Quora text ads appear on question and answer pages, topic feeds, home feeds, and the Quora Digest. Text ads appear native on Quora’s predominately text-based platform and are a great way to service information about your products and services alongside relevant content.

Quora text ad specs

Headline Sentence character max:
65 characters
Body Text character max:
105 characters

Why Patch as your digital marketing agency

Patch is a multi-sector marketing agency. We provide digital marketing services and web development. Our approach to marketing is getting to know our clients’ brands, their customers and their customer journeys in detail. By getting to know why, how and where your customers find and choose your brand, we can recommend the best marketing and advertising approach for your goals and budget.

As a full-service agency we define the best marketing plan for our clients, put in place targets and KPIs to monitor performance and manage the activity to reach objectives. We work on a range of digital advertising networks and use an agile, goal-oriented approach. Our agility provides our clients the peace of mind the networks we recommend are the best for their product and goals.

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