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Social Media Marketing Agency Kent

Kent social media agency

We’re a full service digital and social media marketing agency in Kent (Tunbridge Wells).

We’ve been in business since 2010 and spent over a decade helping brands establish and grow using social media. During that time we’ve watched the social landscape change with the creation of new networks and evolving behaviour on some of the old ones. We like to think our experience means we know a thing or two about social marketing.

In addition to social media marketing we also provide web development and other digital marketing services.

Our social media marketing team consists of senior marketers who understand the strategy behind social media and social media specialists who know the landscape from network to network. We have experience working with b2b and b2c brands and our speciality is helping brands define what success looks like and maximising impact.

We provide social media marketing services in Kent, the Southeast, UK-wide and in Europe and USA. We have experience managing local, national, and global social media channels.

Successful social media marketing

Success in social media marketing comes from knowing who a brand is talking to and what the brand wants to get from that conversation.

It starts by working out what your brand can gain from social media, next we explore who your brand should be talking to, we define your brand’s tone of voice and create content so we can test and learn about the things that achieve social media goals.

It’s all about research

Publishing engaging content that positions your brand is one thing, getting it seen by the people you want to see it is another. On most networks you can sponsor posts, and pay to expand their reach, but if you want the endorsement and better engagement only an organically amplified post can achieve, you’re going to need both a content plan and a distribution plan.

When we start managing a new client’s social media channels, we focus on how content will be distributed. We research hashtags used by their industry, influencers, amplifiers, and other social media users with shared values.

Content, images, graphics and branding

Some of our clients use their own content writers and graphic designers and use our agency to take care of researching, planning, publishing, maximising reach and performance monitoring.

For other clients, we look after all aspects of their social media channels and use our inhouse designers, video producers and content writers.

If you have them, we adhere to brand guidelines and tone of voice guidelines, if not, we can help you establish them or follow the existing style used on your other brand communications.

Monitoring and optimising for best performance

Your target market is influenced by an unlimited number of factors. It means the best approach now, may not be the best approach in the future. Everything from consumer confidence to the publics’ preference to interact with certain challenges, images, colours, or words will impact how consumers engage (or don’t) with different messages, mediums, brands, products, and services. Our social media specialists continually monitor what we publish to ensure content evolves and remains relevant.

We provide an online performance dashboard that will bring all social networks’ performance data into one place alongside your website’s analytics. It allows our clients see how social media content performed on each network and how site visitors acquired from social media behaved on their site.

The performance dashboard will become the centre of regular meetings with your account manager as it’s used to review performance and share learnings between teams.

Want to talk?

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your social media marketing to an agency in Kent, give us a call and ask one simple question:

“If you were my social media marketing agency, what would you do?”We’re confident you’ll like our answer and what it’ll mean for your business.

Social media marketing services Kent

  • Management of existing social media channels
  • Brand launch social media
  • Consultation review and improve your current approach   
  • Define your tone of voice, target audience and generate content ideas
  • Define the best way for social media to add value to your brand and where it fits into your marketing mix
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Social media advertising

Why Patch as your Kent social media agency

  • We’re experts in b2b and b2c social media marketing
  • We’ve worked with brands of all shapes and sizes and will recommend the team with the best experience for your industry
  • We’ve been providing social media marketing in Kent and the Southeast since 2010, we’re stable and have proven methods and efficient workflows
  • We’re a full-service digital agency so we can help out in other areas of digital marketing if you need us to


Things we’re proud of

80 %
YoY increase in organic Twitter impressions for an insurance brand
900 %
YoY increase in organic engagements on social media during a campaign for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts
award won for our social media campaigns

Why choose a social media marketing agency Kent

If your brand serves the local area it goes without saying that a Kent social media agency would be the best to understand and communicate with the local market. Even if your company serves clients all over the world, you may prefer a social media marketing agency in Kent so they’re in the same area and time zone as you. It’ll certainly make it easier to meet face to face and the more local the agency, the better they’ll be at understanding local culture which impacts company culture in our opinion.

Social media is all about telling a brand’s story and working towards objectives as the story is told. Being in Kent allows us to get to know your brand, its people, its story and what makes it unique, so we convey the story that is the reason your clients love what you do and choose you instead of a competitor.

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