The Venue Buyer Customer Journey

venue buyer customer journey

If you understand the customer journey, it’s possible to plan your marketing activity to achieve maximum impact at different stages of the journey.  All you need to do is define how your prospective customers behave from conception of an event to hosting an event and based on that behaviour, how you will target them. Different […]

Social Media for Venues

social media for venues

If you manage a venue that rents space to event organisers social media is an important part of your sales and marketing toolkit. People use media like images and videos to decide which venue is suitable for their brief. Social media allows venues managers to show off the venue and the types of events it […]

SEO for Events Venues

The venue search landscape is changing and what happened to hotels is happening to venues. Directory websites dominate Google’s main results page.  It’s not that Google wants to take your traffic away, it simply wants to steer users to other search verticals (like venue search websites) it considers more useful for venue search. SEO isn’t […]