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SEO for wedding venues

We’re an SEO agency with over ten years’ experience providing search engine optimisation for wedding venues.

Since we established in 2010, we’ve provided successful SEO campaigns for over 50 wedding venues. We’ve worked with all styles of venue and budget. Including household name venues known for royal and celebrity weddings.

We understand the wedding journey

We understand the journey a bride and groom go through to search and select their venue. We know the sources of online influence and what shapes their decision.

We use SEO to put our client’s wedding venue in the right place at the right time. We increase the number of qualified visitors going to their website and as a result, increase the amount of qualified wedding enquiries. SEO isn’t about ranks and traffic, it’s about enquiries and sales.

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We know the SEO landscape for wedding venues

Not many marketing agencies have specialised in wedding venue SEO for so long. Our time working in the wedding industry has given us an unrivalled knowledge of the SEO landscape. We know where map search fits in, we know the importance of wedding venues ranking for image searches, and we know couples use video search, but not enough venues optimise for it. We know that directories dominate broad searches for “wedding venue +location” and except for rare circumstances, you won’t beat a directory, so we won’t pretend otherwise.

We’ll research an SEO keyword plan that applies to your unique offering and is achievable within your SEO budget. We’ll tell you which keywords you won’t win from directories and therefore, which directories you should be on. We’ll also help you to decide if you should optimise for local searches, national searches or both.

Our knowledge of SEO for wedding venues means we advise the best, and most cost-effective way to achieve your goals. To appear more often in Google searches and acquire more qualified website visitors from search engines.

More than a Wedding Venue SEO agency

We’re not just an SEO agency that specialises in wedding venues. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency with roots in the leisure, hospitality, events and travel industries. We can help with search PPC, display advertising, review collection, web design, graphic design and social media marketing.

How much does wedding venue SEO cost?

An SEO specialist or SEO agency is hired by the hour or on a per-project basis. We provide a fixed cost per project. For transparency, we also provide our hours and activity forecast. You’ll know how much time we estimate it will take us. This means your costs are capped at the fixed cost we quote, but you have an hourly rate to compare if others are quoting as an hourly rate.

There is no minimum cost for SEO. A few hours work from an SEO specialist will improve a site’s performance. Nearly all top-ranking wedding venues and wedding industry suppliers have ongoing campaigns. To become a top-ranking site, we recommend an ongoing campaign, but this isn’t mandatory to see improvements.

We provide managed and guided SEO campaigns. A managed campaign means every part of your SEO is taken care of by our team. We can also work with existing teams to make the most of the skills you already have at your disposal. For teams that want to do their own SEO, but need a helping hand, we provide guided campaigns. It means you get the strategy and guidance to execute a campaign following our proven method.

No wedding venue, website or SEO campaign is the same. When someone contacts us, we ask their goals, and we provide a quote to reach those goals. A wedding venue in London needs to compete harder than one in Leicester. A wedding venue that wants to increase YOY sales by £250k needs to work harder than one that wants to increase sales by £100k. Whatever your budget and goals, we recommend getting in touch for a chat.

Some people decide to try SEO themselves before using an agency. If you’re considering a bit of DIY, check out our 10 Easy SEO Tips for Wedding Venues.

How does SEO work?

There are many ranking factors in SEO. They range from social media to user experience and everything in between. There are so many factors that every year, Search Engine Land produces a periodic table of SEO.

SEO is a competition to rank above other websites for a keyword search. Search engines’ decision to rank one site above another is determined by the same ranking factors Search Engine Land covers in their periodic table. The type of SEO activity you will need for your wedding venue will depend upon your ranking competitors for the search terms and search verticals you want to pursue.

When we plan SEO activity for a wedding venue, first we define target keywords and search verticals. Once they’re defined, we analyse ranking competitors in search engine results to determine what activity needs to take place to compete effectively.

What is the process to start SEO for a wedding venue?

To develop an SEO strategy, we need to know your enquiry number and sales targets for the coming year. We’ll also need to see your Google Analytics. When we know your targets, we can use your analytics to determine the extra traffic required to achieve them.  Once we define how much additional traffic a site requires, we research keywords with an adequate search volume to achieve it.

About Patch Marketing

We’re a team of web developers, SEO strategists, outreach specialists and content producers. A mix of SEO disciplines in our team allows us to be agile in our approach to SEO. We use the right tool for the task at hand and have a goal orientated approach to our work.

SEO services

  • SEO Strategy Creation
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  • SEO competitor analysis
  • SEO development of work plan, road map and KPIs
  • Link building strategy
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO content production and optimisation
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