SEO for wedding venues

We’re an SEO agency with over ten years’ experience providing search engine optimisation for wedding venues.

Since we established in 2010, we’ve provided successful SEO campaigns for over 50 wedding venues. We’ve worked with all styles of venue and budget. Including household name venues known for royal and celebrity weddings.

Campaign Blog: Tesco asks customers go support local pub

Instead of promoting a six pack for £4 or three for two on selected wines, Tesco has asked their customers to go and support their local pub instead.

Creative agency BBH incorporated Tesco’s strapline ‘every little helps’ into three full-page ads in The Times when asking for customers to consider visiting their local pub instead of buying alcohol from the supermarket giant.

Why your organic click-through rate is low

A low organic click-through rate from search shows that your website isn’t working hard for you when it comes to gaining the right visitors. High traffic volumes might feel like a win for you, but if they’re not qualified, sticking around or even choosing your search result to begin with, not only will your click-through rates suffer, so will your rankings. We’ve revealed the top three reasons for low organic click-through rate and how you can monitor and optimise performance.

Hiring a marketer: questions to ask in a marketing interview

We’ve all been misled in an interview, whether it be as employer or employee. It’s disappointing for everyone. You’re excited about a hire, you bring them in, but it quickly turns out they were a top blagger. On the other side of the coin, we’ve all been sold an exciting, inspiring company story as candidates and joined a business full of beans, only to have our can emptied within a few days.

Asking the right questions is key to identifying whether your candidates really know their craft. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask in a marketing interview to help you separate the fluff from the facts…

What goes into a media plan

A media plan should include all the details about upcoming activity with carefully selected publications: which channels are best for your campaign, whether it’s digital or in print, when it’s taking place, costs and key contacts. But how do you work all of this out? We’ve shared our guide to maximising return on investment from your media plan and how to select the best publishers for your message by knowing your target audiences.

The ingredients for creating a successful social media campaign

Apparently, it’s Weetabix and Heinz beans! Over the last few years, there’s been a rise in the number of brands opting for a more ‘human’ approach to their social media marketing. You’ll have certainly seen this happening yourself – brands like Aldi and KFC have been the pioneers of more humour-focused, casual social approaches for […]

Venue marketing plan: Strategies, examples and ideas

Marketing a venue successfully relies on a lot of different factors. That means creating an effective venue marketing plan isn’t straightforward because, in short, venues aren’t, and neither are their customers.

There are countless different types of venue and the way you’ll want to market yours depends completely on what it is and who it appeals to.

Events venues, leisure venues, sporting venues, concert halls, hospitality venues, hotels, restaurants, museums, conference centres galleries, outdoor spaces – all of them need their own unique, marketing approach.

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve provided venue marketing services to over 70 venues of all shapes and sizes since launch in 2010. We’re proud to say that we know our stuff when it comes to venue marketing and so here, we wanted to share some of our insights and offer up tips and tricks for preparing a winning venue marketing plan.

The SEO KPIs and metrics top ranking sites are tracking

Ultimately, return on investment (ROI) looks different for every campaign and even every business. Whether you’re looking for sign-ups, brand awareness or product purchases, knowing what qualifies as a result for you is vital first and foremost.

However, the KPIs below are useful to determine the performance of your SEO agency whatever your objective – but bear in mind that your agency will be monitoring even more KPIs and can share them with you if you want them.

How to increase website traffic with content

When it comes to writing for SEO, you should have identified one of two objectives.

  1. To acquire qualified website traffic from search engines
  2. To encourage or increase brand engagement on external platforms by providing value

The purpose of your SEO content should fulfil either of these roles (note it can be both) and you will need to have identified it before you start writing. If you’re using your content for social media engagement, to provide added value content or for backlink acquisition, you may find that you need to write differently than you would if working on traffic acquisition – plus it’s always good to know the purpose what you’re doing first, right?

If traffic acquisition is the goal you’ve identified, read our tips on how to acquire traffic with content.